This page lists SVG samples. Right now there are three sections:
  • messages: my replies to posts at svg-developers including samples I provided
  • samples: collection of my works
  • tests: unsorted - either under construction or they did not fit in the other sections or whatever reason there might be ...

In order to be able to view the samples you will either need a standalone SVG viewer (e.g. Batik/Squiggle), or a plugin that enables a browser to display SVGs (e.g. Adobe SVG Viewer 3 [ASV3] for IE6), or a browser with native SVG support (e.g. Opera 8.5+, Firefox 1.5+).

I usually test my samples with ASV3 on IE6, with Batik, Firefox, and Opera. This does not mean that all samples work on all applications or even platforms. Batik and Firefox e.g. do not support SMIL animation, yet. Some samples simply will need an update since they were written when there just was the all-forgiving-ASV3 around. :)

Samples that consist of more than one file (should) have a download link. To save single files you can right-click on the sample link and then choose 'Save target as ...'.

If you have questions about SVG or techniques I used feel free to email me. You can also send me a message using the contact form.